Hyderabad’s Surabhi Theatre, practices a spectacular form of traditional theatre and is over 132 years old! It originated from the art of Tholu Bommalatta, a form of shadow theatre that uses puppets made of leather.

All 65 artists of this troupe belong to one family,  and have dedicated their entire life to theatre since their birth. At present, Surabhi Theatre has 5 sub-groups, the largest being the Sri Venkateshwara Natya Mandali, started by R. Venkata Rao.

The spectacular and nuanced depiction of mythological stories makes Surabhi’s plays unique and memorable. From dramatic special effects to elaborate costumes and sets to illusionary backgrounds, Surabhi Theatre’s productions are a visual delight.

Their most famous plays are Maya Bazaar, Sri Krishna Leelalu and Bhakta Prahlada and have been performed across the globe including the Centquatre Cultural Centre, Paris.

Even when audiences remain spoilt for choice the rustic, vivid charm of Surabhi makes it an all time favourite and a not-to-be-missed experience.

All you need to know about Hyderabad's Surabhi Theatre Group | Break a Leg!

Surabhitheatre is a family of 65 #theatremakers that have dedicated their entire life to #theatre! They travel across villages, cities and even continents performing spectacular renditions of Indian epics in #Telugu. For them, Theatre is not the means to earn a living, it’s the only way of life! And for us, Surabhi Theatre is a huge inspiration 😀

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Image Source: Surabhi Theatre

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