The last year has been a rollercoaster ride for Indian Theatre! From larger-than-life musicals to hard-hitting solo performances; From promising stage debuts to veterans who never cease to amaze; From pathbreaking original writing to clever adaptations; 2018 had all of this and more… Something for every theatre lover to enjoy, appreciate and come back to.

Here are 8 Outstanding Plays of 2018 that created an impact and elevated the stage for Indian Theatre.

Detective Nau-Do-Gyaarah

by The Company Theatre


Based in yesteryears Bombay, through the black and white-noir veneer, comes an enthralling gangster comedy. This retro escape drama has an incredible ensemble cast, with each actor playing more than one role to perfection. Electrifying performances, exhilarating pace, buoyed by the tunes of a live jazz band make this an absolute must watch!



Directed by Bruce Guthrie


A scintillating symbiosis of particle physics and romantic possibilities, Nick Payne’s award-winning production found a revival in Bruce Guthrie’s breath-taking vision. Jim Sarbh and Mansi Multani travel through multiverses, delivering renditions of themselves in different situations, and exploring the could-have-beens. Heart-warming, intelligent and interactive, the performances leave you dazed, fuzzy yet spoilt with choices that the universe has to offer.



by Adishakti Theatre


A compelling re-imagination of the performative traditions of India, Bali narrates the events that lead up to the battle between Ram and Bali. Morally engaging the death of monkey King Bali, imploration of ideologies and modern-day metaphors borrowed from the epic compel the audiences to introspect. Marked by strong movements and intense emotions, the performances provoke and mesmerize the audiences


The Truth

by Motley Theatre

Source-Motley Theatre

Written by French playwright Florian Zeller, The Truth is a comedy about the hilarious yet unsettling pitfalls of adultery. The strong interpersonal dynamics and hypocritical realizations are a delight to watch in this play directed by Ratna Pathak Shah. Needless to say, with a powerhouse like Naseeruddin Shah taking stage the performances keep you glued to your seats!


Hello Farmaish

Directed by Yuki Illias


A group of village misfits take you on a dreamlike journey to outer space with their homegrown radio station. Shortlisted for The Hindu Playwright Award, this endearing story is fuelled by hope and leaves you inspired! With stirring performances, an incredible set design and clever direction the play captures imaginations like no other.



by Jyoti Dogra


In an attempt to find greater engagement with the universe Jyoti Dogra’s solo performance dabbles with theories of space and time. It focuses on the expanse and limits of human understanding as Jyoti explores the concepts of astrophysics. A recurring dream, personal experiences, coloured judgement- all find their way into this process in the most fascinating manner.


Sing India Sing

Directed by Nadir Khan


India’s first original musical written by Rahul DaCunha and Bugs Bhargava Krishna is a grand and millennial take on being successful. Set against a reality show, four talented singers try to make it big in the world of non-stop scrutiny, social media and Clinton Cerejo’s music, captures the relentless desire for fame in this riveting storyline packed with fantastic singing!



By AGP world

Source-AGP World

A spectacular and magnificent theatrical experience, Devdas is packed with grandeur that exceeds expectations. This adaption of the classic presents a unique viewpoint focussing on the women of the tale- Chandramukhi and Expansive sets, celebratory dance and music, ornate costumes and breath-taking aerial acts make Devdas a visual delight.

8 Outstanding Plays of 2018 | Break a Leg!

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for #IndianTheatre! From larger-than-life #musicals to hard-hitting #soloperformances, From promising #stage debuts to #veterans who never cease to amaze, From pathbreaking original writing to clever adaptations, 2018 had all of this and more… something for each #theatrelover to enjoy, appreciate and come back to… Here are 8 Outstanding Plays of 2018 that created an impact and elevated the stage for Indian Theatre. Watch this video to find out more and do not miss re-runs in 2019 🙂 Wishing you a year full of theatre! Happy New Year 🙂 #fortheatreoftheatrebytheatre

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