The Marathi theatre scene has always been bold and monumental in paving the road for theatre in our country. From burning issues to plays that challenge the norm, Marathi theatre has always pushed the envelope. Here are the six Marathi theatre groups you must watch out for in the contemporary theatre scene. They have travelled all over the globe and won the hearts of all audiences.

Awishkar, Mumbai

Source- Awishkar Theatre

Awishkar’s repertoire boasts of artists like Rohini Hattangadi, Nana Patekar and Mohan Agashe. This 46-year-old group, was founded by late veteran actress Sulbha Deshpande and her husband Arvind Deshpande. The legendary Vijay Tendulkar once helmed its writing department. Currently its managed and lead by Arun Kakade.  


Aasakta Kalamanch, Pune

Source- Aadyam

Spearheaded by Mohit Takalkar, the group is famous for its impeccable direction and visual thrills. Be it original writing, adaptation of plays by They have travelled all over the globe and won the hearts of all audiences or British playwrights they are constantly expanding the scope and reach of contemporary Marathi theatre.


Natak Company, Pune

Source- Natak Company

Born out of an inter-collegiate competition, this one’s driven by the youth and for the youth.

Natak Company has staged about 25 productions across the length and breadth of the country. They even won a special jury award at the International Youth Theatre Festival, Italy for their play Geli Ekvees Varsha.


Natakghar, Pune

Source- Natak Ghar

Natakghar is the  brainchild of award winning writer-director-actor Atul Pathe. While their protest theatre piece Ringan Natya saw 250 artists perform to protest the killing of Narendra Dabholkar, their acclaimed plays Aashadhatil Ek Diwas and Samjswasthya have toured all over the world!


Theatron Entertainment, Pune

Source- Theatron Entertainment

A bunch of college students came together to create Theatron Entertainment in 2002.

Since then there is no looking back. Apart from Marathi, they also perform Hindi and English plays. And were even selected for the International Youth Theatre Festival Vreme in Bulgaria.


Dhyaas, Pune

Founded by Shrikant Bhide, this nine-year-old group specializes in physical theatre. Their plays are often about the environment and have been performed almost everywhere from West Bengal to Turkey. They also won the 54th Maharashtra State Drama Competition 2014 for their two act play Parvana.

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