An artist needs a stage like plants need water. The presence of a platform that lets an artist thrive in their true state, allows them to express freely, and lets them create is and invaluable boon. The benefits of a good venue can not be measured even if one tried. India, is slowly getting there and quite delightfully so.

Following are the most energetic, off beat spaces that have given artists the space to be themselves and change our perceptions one performance at a time.

Sitara Studio, Mumbai

Source- Sitara Studio

A performance venue functioning out of a garage, it has been actively hosting events from all artistic spheres be it theatre, dance, visual art or music. It also has a mezzanine level for artistes to jam and rehearse.


Harkat Studios, Mumbai

Source- Harkat Studios

Once a quaint bungalow, now a multi-disciplinary arts studio. During weekdays, Harkat Studios is a co-working space for artists and on weekends, it comes alive with plays, storytelling, music and even a farmer’s market.


Cuckoo Club, Mumbai

Source- Cuckoo Club

The Cuckoo Club is an artist’s delight. It houses a black box theatre, rehearsal space, co-working space, a café and a mini library! No wonder it’s the desired hub for plays, readings, open-mics and stand-up comedy.


TIFA Working Studios, Pune

Source- TIFA

Situated in a 90 year old art deco hotel, TIFA is the go-to space for innovation and experimentation. Plays, installations, open-mics, film screenings, you name the event and it happens here. The space also hosts jam nights, bringing together musicians from all around.


Our Sacred Space, Hyderabad

Source- Our Sacred Space

A postal sorting office was converted to create this bustling art adda. With a focus on classical and folk art forms the space is buzzing with classes, workshops and performances. A highlight of Our Sacred Space is its weekly organic farmer’s market.


Studio Tamaasha, Mumbai

Source- Studio Tamaasha

A cosy bungalow has been transformed to create this intimate space. It attracts idea-driven productions and allows artist to experiment with their work. Resulting in unique performances and creating newer audiences for the same.


Wandering Artist, Chennai

Source- Wandering Artist

Seven rooms, an open-air space and a living room form this culture hub. From pottery and carpentry to music and theatre, several artistic worlds co-exist here. Apart from performances, the space also hosts regular art workshops and talks.

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