Aaj mere paas Stars hain, Budgets hain, VFX hain, Producers hain, tumhare paas kya hain?

Mere paas Kahaaniyaan hain.


Many of us theatre-wallahs would agree that we do what we do because we love telling stories. We perhaps don’t remember when the kahaani-sunane-ka-keeda bit us. Maybe, for many of us it all started with dadima-ki-kahaaniyaan! There on, some of us were infected by this bug more than others. And at some point, because of the undying love or the magic of our stars decided to do this for a living.

Long Pause.

In the pursuit of chasing the dream, one realized that this was very hard, that putting up a show was kamar-tod mehnat and in the end of it all, there was no money!

Ab paisa nahi hain, koi system nahin hain, toh hum yeh karte kyun hain?

This is a good thought and you might grapple with this many times in your theatre life- sometimes right before stepping onstage and other times maybe in the middle of a scene, like, how Niketan Bhai (Niketan Sharma) once told me in the green room after the end of a show-“Main uss scene ke beech me soch raha tha ki agle mahine ke rent kaise bharna hai…”

Ab dost yeh struggle toh real hain lekin fir theatre se pyaar bhi hain na? And an all time answer to that would be “yeh ishq nahi asaan bas itna samajh lijiye…”  While there is so much ragda, there is also the pure joy of making theatre, it’s like making a play is similar to giving birth to a baby: it’s tough indeed but the result is sheer exuberance!

As we celebrate World Theatre Day on the 27th of March, we ask a talented, exciting bunch of young theatre makers about their dreams and ambitions. On this day, we love you, celebrate your work and congratulate you. Happy World Theatre Day!

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