Quissa Quarantine Ka is an attempt to compile and publish some of the most moving quarantine stories.

To submit your story follow this link- bit.ly/QuissaQuarantineKa

Quarantine and self-isolation in the light of the deadly pandemic Covid-19 have brought the worst of our fears to life. It has cut us off from routine in ways that are immediately obvious and imminently catastrophic. People have lost their livelihoods, we have seen a collapse in social-support systems, there is a declared global medical emergency crisis and this has directly impact our physical, mental and emotional health.

Without underestimating the many ways in which the lockdown has made our life difficult, let us look at another angle to the whole story. Quarantine, for many of us has been and is turning into an interesting experience. Families reuniting after ages, people confined with frenemies, flat mates falling in love, and siblings wanting to kill each other!

Also, in the long work-from-home hours, we are involuntarily getting to know ourselves better. Quarantine is frustrating but its also influencing our interpersonal relationships and has set us on an unplanned journey of self-discovery.

From finishing that book you had left incomplete under the shelf, to dusting off the canvas, exploring the MasterChef in you, to spending some time gardening, we are getting time to do things that were probably important to us at some point but surely not on our bucket-list!

Keeping this in mind, we at Break a Leg! present Quissa Quarantine Ka– an attempt to compile and publish some of the most moving quarantine stories.
What would you like to share with the world? How has quarantine affected your emotional health? What is your quarantine story about? Tell us and we will publish it.
The rules are simple-
  • Your story is your story, could be real or fictional!
  • You needn’t stick to ‘a story’; get all creative and you could also write a poem, a song, a scene or anything else that crystallizes your idea the best.
  • Your story could be in Hindi, English or/and Hinglish.
  • You can submit more than one story.
  • The world limit is 600 characters ONLY and the last date to submit your story is 5th April, 2020.

To submit your story follow this link- bit.ly/QuissaQuarantineKa

We will publish the best entries on our website and across all platforms. In times like today, there is a dire need to tell our stories of hope, love, fear, ambition, desire and all the other ways in which Quarantine has affected us and we have affected each other. After all, we are in this together!

Blaise Pascal ka kehna tha “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Toh ab toh mauka bhi hain aur dastoor bhi so pick up a pen, give Netflix a break and send us your quarantine story. Who knows you will make someone smile in these grim times 🙂

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